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For million of years, the sun has powered the world. And for over a decade now, Tata BP Solar has helped people harness this power, with a range of packaged products.

Tata BP Solar, the 100% Solar Company, is totally focused on designing, engineering, supplying and installing Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems that cater to both domestic and industrial needs. All Tata BP Solar products are of the highest quality and reliability, coming as they do, from an ISO 9001 Company. Tata BP Solar has also been awarded the ISO 14001 Certification for design, development, manufacturing, installation and servicing of its SPV Systems.



Solar Fencing
Popular Fencing Units are with unique technology with a difference, in giving a very effective,

Popular Batteries
Automotive  and Tubular  Batterise,  Available With higher Capacities ...

Water Pumping Systems
Surface and Submersible Systems
Up to 2HP rating pumps
Can lift water from depths upto 50 m and delivery

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